Episode 1: The Birth of a Podcast

Because no film website is complete without its own podcast... Back when my base of operations was at The Film Tome, Trent Allgood and I forged The Film Tome Podcast where we were able to shoot the breeze about cinema new and old. Since the early planning stages of Cineflect a new podcast was always in the cards. With the history and experience gained from our first endeavor, The Cineflect Podcast is off to bigger and better start. 

In Episode 1: The Birth of a Podcast Trent and I share some thoughts on what we've each been watching, take a look at a couple new trailers and then share our respective most anticipated films for the rest of 2014. For a detailed description of this episode's content, see the Show Notes below the player.

Keep in mind that this is only our first episode. We have plenty of room to grow and improve. We welcome your feedback. Let us know what you think of the episode or throw in your two cents on any of the films that we discuss in the comments below. Also, search for Cineflect in iTunes to download and subscribe to the podcast. Sincere thanks for your listenership! 


The Cineflect Podcast - Episode 1: The Birth of a Podcast

Recording Date: July 20, 2014

Runtime: 43:34



(:38) Introduction

(1:12) Recently Beheld

(16:31 Trailer Round-Up: Exodus: Gods and Kings / Birdman

(23:40) Feature Presentation: Our Most Anticipated Films For the Rest of 2014



Theme Music: "Rabbia E Tarrantella" by Ennio Morricone, Inglourious Basterds OST (2009)

(14:01) "The NeverEnding Story" by Giorgio Moroder, The NeverEnding Story OST (1984)

(23:04) "Bibo No Aozora" by Gustavo Santaolalla, Babel OST (2006)

(42:33) "After the Lights Go Out" by The Walker Brothers, Enemy OST (2014)