Film School: Dracula Told

This weekend sees the release of Universal's Dracula Untold, what began as an exploration of the iconic character's origins has become the kick-off in a resurrection of the Studio's classic monsters gallery (Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, etc.). This is taking on special relevance for me this week as I'm currently on the tail end of watching eight of the films in that library as part of this year's 31 Days of Horror. More on the Universal monsters another time, let's focus on Count Dracula and his fine-fanged friends. 

Below is a video that part of the Fandango MOVIECLIPS team has been hard at work on, exploring the history of Dracula in the movies and beyond: from F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu to the rise of vampires in popular culture today. It's a crash course on the character and the sub-genre and will take less than 4 minutes of your day. Yours truly narrates:

With 272 appearances in movies we only skimmed the surface of Dracula's cinematic lifespan, not to mention vampire cinema as a whole. Still, hopefully you know more than you did 4 minutes ago or at least your mind has been turned to ponder the pointy details of the most popular movie character. 

What is your favorite Dracula movie and/or who played your favorite Dracula? Have you seen Dracula Untold yet? Cinephiles of the night, what sweet remarks you'll make in the comments below.