Sex Ed (Trailer Review)

Get this, Haley Joel Osment (forever known as "the kid from The Sixth Sense") plays a sex education teacher named Ed in the new sex comedy, Sex Ed! Brilliant. From the sound of it, Ed's a virgin and has no business teaching this course, but that's not going to stop him. With frequent encouragement from an experienced roommate and an overly helpful principal played by Matt Walsh, will Ed be able to teach these horny teens who probably already know more than Ed himself thanks to the internet?

How many awkward sex jokes can they possibly cram into a trailer and how many are they actually going to leave unspoiled in the film? On top of that, if the one-joke premise got stale in just 2 minutes imagine how much it will suffer in 90! I like a smart and edgy sex comedy as much as the next guy, but nothing here seemed out of the box or out of bounds.

At one point in the trailer Haley Joel Osment remarks, "I feel like I'm 15."  He looks it too. Who knew back when The Sixth Sense came out that this kid (he was my age then... I guess that means he still is) would be starring in a sex comedy in 15 years time. Somehow his child face remains fully intact and an adult body has taken shape around it. It's a remarkable thing! I was taken aback when I saw him saying some dirty stuff in Kevin Smith's Tusk as part of him looked like the innocent kid we once knew and praised. I'll always root for someone who is attempting to revitalize their career or try something new. We haven't seen Osment onscreen in a while, but he's had several recent projects and many more in the pipe.

Sex Ed gets a release on November 7th. What do you make of this trailer? Wow us with your own education in the comments below.