Home Sweet Hell (Trailer Review)

Well, here's a "red band" trailer for a movie I wasn't expecting, let alone knew existed. Patrick Wilson plays a cheesy salesman on a TV infomercial as a way of drawing our attention into the trailer for Home Sweet Hell. Meet Don Champagne and his trophy of a housewife played by Katherine Heigl. She's micromanaged his life to a T and it's no surprise when Don ends up shacking up with his hot new hire at work. When Don's wife finds out that the woman is pregnant she is surprisingly understanding... until she suggests that they kill the girl!

Ah, Home Sweet Hell, a quirky comedy that skirts the nuances of the dark comedy and just goes straight for the jugular. This trailer does a fine job at setting up the scenario and making sure we know the stakes involved, but like many of its contemporaries goes beyond the call of duty. It's enough (too much?) that we know they plan to kill the poor girl, more than enough that she seems suspicious herself, but we go so far as to see the threats keep stacking from a angry boyfriend and a prying police officer. All this means for me is that if I ever see this film, which I'm now not eager to, I'll be waiting around for each of these checkpoints to happen.

As far as "red band" trailers go it's pretty tame and lame: an explicit bit of dialogue and background nudity feel unnecessary here and may likewise stick out in the film itself. Have the convictions of your storytelling, stick to your guns, play it smart or go all out!

"Coming Soon" is all she wrote for Home Sweet Hell in terms of a release date. What do you make of this "red band" trailer? Do you want to spend any time with the Champagnes at all? What are the dangers of having unlikeable/un-relatable protagonists in a comedy? Why does Patrick Wilson play creepy so well? Leave your mark in the comments below, but please wipe your shoes on the Welcome mat first.