The Humbling (Trailer Review)

Al Pacino plays a washed up actor in the first trailer for The Humbling, the latest film by Barry Levinson. Levinson has had a remarkable career, which took off in the '80s (starting with Diner and ending with Rain Man), but has failed to find the spark in recent years: EnvyMan of the Year andThe Bay to name just three. That said, his TV movie for HBO, You Don't Know Jack, was a particular bright spot for both him and Pacino. Maybe the two can do it again?

Nothing special as far as the art of trailer cutting goes to be found here. It's the usual 1st Act, 2nd Act and teasing of the 3rd Act that we sit through time and time again - and a completely unremarkable use of title cards instead of a omnipotent narrator. To bounce back from an attempted suicide, Simon Axler (Pacino) permits himself to have an affair with Pegeen Mike Stapleford, she's played by Greta Gerwig. It turns out she's a lesbian and all sorts of drama and hijinks fall in line.  Based on the novel by Philip Roth (Goodbye, Columbus), the film looks cute enough even if Pacino seems to be feverishly chasing his own Looking for Richard and Wilde Salomé theatrics.

The Humbling premiered at the Venice Film Festival in August and has been playing in various film festivals since. No official release date as of yet. What do you make of Pacino latest attempt to take control of his career? Let your voice be heard in the comments below.

Why don’t you get me a job writing my memoir, isn’t that what washed up actors do?
— Simon Axler