Apehood Trailer

The two big releases this weekend are Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Boyhood. While the former is opening on every screen in every town (some 4,000 across the country) and the later is only available on 5 screens, they are both sharing the spotlight in cinematic circles. The idea to combine the two into an unlikely yet undeniable mashup is a stroke of genius. Nelson Carvajal, an established mashup and montage editor, is the one responsible.

This mashup is best appreciated after one has seen the trailer for Boyhood. Carvajal took that entire trailer and replaced the video footage with clips from Rise and Dawn (of the Planet of the Apes). He also changed the title cards so that it now became the diegetic story of Richard Linklater making an epic film about one chimp growing up over 18 years.

Unlike many mashups, neither piece of filmmaking comes away feeling like it was the butt of a joke. Instead, there is a honoring and appreciation of both. It helps that "Hero" by Family of the Year is such irresistible and earnest song. It makes everything it is set to feel like such a sincere endeavor. 

What both of the movies have accomplished is incredible. Boyhood is the result of a 12 year labor and this reborn Planet of the Apes series is ever pushing the envelope of motion capture performances to new heights. It's lovely to see both paid tribute and surprising to see the result be so heartfelt. This mashup can serve as the trailer for a fantastic weekend at the movies if you're able to see both DOTPOTA and Boyhood. In the very least see one for now, then seek out the other.

What do you think about this mashup? What other pair of unlikely films would you like to see made into a trailer? Have you seen either of the films involved? If so, what did think you of them and did you find any comparisons between the two? As always, these questions are simply here to make this a conversation. Leave any thoughts you have in the comments below.

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