Big Hero 6 (Trailer Review)

Back in 2009 Disney acquired Marvel causing two of the biggest organisms in the entertainment industry to morph into one unstoppable and impressive blob. There are some outstanding studio agreements (i.e. Sony has Spider-Man and Fox has the X-Men), but the majority of the Comics' vast catalog is at Disney's disposal and with Big Hero 6 we see them taking a property from that shelf and putting them into an animated film for the first time.

Big Hero 6 (based on the comic and characters of the same name) will follow youngster and robotics expert Hiro Hamada as he and his big, white creation take on the villain terrorizing San Fransokyo . They get around to assembling a team (hence the name) and an unlikely group of superheroes is born.

What I love about this trailer is the tendency to show a couple of specific scenes instead of sampling out the entire film. Yes, this is only the first trailer, they may be releasing a plot-centric preview down the line (as much as I hope against it). I am reminded of Pixar's Brave which had an incredibly effective trailer showcasing just the archery contest.

There's plenty of humor to be derived from this trailer, mostly at the expense of Baymax, the inflatable robot that Hiro constructed. The timing of the physical comedy was enough to get me chuckling. What did you think of the trailer? Are you familiar with Big Hero 6? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Big Hero 6 bursts into United States' cinemas on November 7th.