Nightcrawler (Trailer Review)

Over the weekend a Craigslist ad appeared from one Louis Bloom who describes himself as "Persistent, punctual, polite and hardworking." Louis also provided a link to his video resume. Upon clicking through readers were brought to the following video:

Holy Jake Gyllenhaal! In one of the best uses of viral marketing we've seen this year, the "video resume" was actually a teaser for Nightcrawler, the directorial debut of Dan Gilroy. This 49-second sample features Gyllenhaal playing Lou Bloom in a series of job interview audition tapes where he looks straight into the camera with his wide eyes, slicked-back hair and gaunt face. It grabbed my attention immediately. Today we saw a full trailer for Nightcrawler, check it out now:

Nightcrawler is the story of a young man (Bloom) who gets wrapped up in the underground world of freelance crime journalism in Los Angeles. His Craigslist ad indicated he was willing to work nights and it seems he's certainly doing plenty of that. Grisly crime scenes and hot pursuit police chases abound in the trailer, intercut with the monologue from the teaser. This high-stress occupation looks to take a toll on Bloom, there are moments where he looks to come completely unhinged and the result is  I can only imagine how much more impactful that will be in full film. This looks to be a absolute force of a performance for Jake Gyllenhaal.

I've been a fan of Gyllenhaal's since October Sky. He continued to impress me over his career with Donnie DarkoBrokeback Mountain and Brothers, to name a few. Then, last year alone, he delivered the double punch of End of Watch and Prisoners, where he played a police officer and detective respectively. Earlier this year he wowed me again with his dual performance in Enemy (one of the best films of the year so far). It seems that some of his previous films have trained him well for the subject matter (Zodiac) and location (End of Watch) he's dealing with in Nightcrawler.

The gorgeous nighttime visuals come by Robert Elswit, one of the best cinematographers in the game. He has shot Greater Los Angeles Area plenty of times before on the films of Paul Thomas Anderson. This is Dan Gilroy's first time in the director's chair, but he has been outputting screenplays since the early '90s. Nightcrawler has one of the most promising trailers of the year, it finds an enticing balance between not giving away too much yet giving us enough to decide if we want to see it. Where do you fall on that decision? Share any other thoughts in the comments below.

Nightcrawler creeps into US theaters on October 17th after premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.