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Earlier this month I shared the Apehood trailer, a clever mashup using footage from Rise / Dawn of the Planet of the Apes cut into the emotionally-stirring trailer for Boyhood. Well, now it has been done again with what is an even better fit: the Harry Potter film series. (Note: As with the Apehood trailer, this is best appreciated after you've seen the Boyhood trailer and are familiar with the Harry Potter cinematic franchise.)

When people describe Boyhood (a movie filmed over 12 years following the same actor/character growing up) as something unparalleled in the history of film, there's a series that will fake cough for our attention in the back of the room. Lest we forget Warner Bros.' behemoth of a franchise! Starting with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone back in 2001 and continuing through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in 2011, it spanned nearly the same length of production time as Boyhood and was unarguably a bigger undertaking. Daniel Radcliffe and company were literally captured growing up for the seven year passage in the story and a decade in real life.

There's another connection in that Boyhood actually features the Harry Potter franchise. If you were still growing up during the turn of the of the millennium then there is a good chance that the Harry Potter books and films played a role in your childhood as well. Mason dresses up as the Boy Who Lived himself to attend a midnight release of the The Half-Blood Prince. Another familiar scene is when Mason and his sister lay in their mother's bed while she reads the book to them.

It was a perfect fit for a mashup and I'm glad somebody (Slate's Chris Wade) was able to put it together while the iron is still hot. Unfortunately, it is not as seamless or tidy an edit as Apehood, the sound in particular is a spotty distraction. A lot of the film's audio competes with the music, Family of the Year's "Hero," which I am now convinced can make any video better. But hey, at least we have this radical and emotional tribute to two cinematic undertakings.

What do you think about Potterhood and the relationship between Boyhood and the Harry Potter series? What's the next film or series that should be cut into the Boyhood trailer? Toy StoryBreaking Bad, Michael Apted's Up series? The comments below are your oyster.

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