Comic-Con 101

Today commences the 44th year of San Diego Comic-Con International, though it wasn't always called that. Check out the below video put together by my co-workers at MOVIECLIPS to learn the history of the world's most famous comic convention, which drew about 300 attendees back in 1970 and today regularly sees over 130,000.

Despite the name, Comic-Con is a popular place for movie studios to throw scraps of raw meat at their ravenous fan bases. Last year Superman v. Batman was announced and the legendary Hall H nearly flooded with geekgasms by just showing off a logo. This year there will even be a Snowpiercer panel, one of my favorite films of the year so far. While Cineflect's mission is not to be a source for movie news, there are chances that some trailers for reviewing and other material fit for CineFile will be emerging. Also, education is one of our primary aims because we all love learning, right? You may want to keep a tab open of the Cineflect Facebook page where I will likely report on anything major, it often acts as a moat for the castle we're building here.

I will now leave you with some nifty infographics about superheroes (click on them to expand) as gathered by The Huffington Post from Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe:

What are your thoughts on Comic-Con? Have you ever been and are you attending this year? What film(s) are you most excited to hear about? The comments are at your disposal.