Tusk (Trailer Review)

Remember a few years ago when Kevin Smith said he was done making movies? Well, I for one am glad that he clearly never meant it. With a new feature now complete and another three films "announced" it looks like his career is far from over. I'm mainly a fan of Smith's first film (Clerks.) and his "last" film (Red State), the latter was especially surprising as it cemented him as a bona fide horror director. Last night at his Comic-Con panel Smith (after raving about his Star Wars Episode VII set visit) premiered the trailer for Tusk.

The film follows the story of a podcast host named Wallace who travels to Canada to interview an eccentric old man. After losing contact with Wallace, co-host Teddy and Allison (Wallace's girlfriend) head North to search for him. The origins of this story actually from a podcast episode recorded by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. They came across an ad (which was later revealed to be a prank) where a homeowner was willing to provide a free living situation if the lodger was willing to dress like a walrus. That's not too much to ask, right? Well, Smith and Mosier brainstormed the idea for an hour on the podcast and wa-lah!, a premise for a feature-length horror film was born.

Justin Long and Haley Joel Osment play the podcasts hosts, though it's Long (with his must-shave walrus mustache) that becomes the victim of a creepy old man played by Michael Parks. Parks was fantastic in Red State and it's great to see him pulling out all the stops to play a lonely yet deranged man. The trailer seemed fairly standard and did not impress me until the last third where we get some glimpses of just how messed up this might get. The scene where Long and Parks have a scream-off is pretty terrific. Might this be the next Human Centipede? Are you interested in seeing Tusk? What animal would you request any free-loaders to dress up as? Confess to your heart's content in the comments below.

Tusk flaps into US theaters on September 19th.