Before You See Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxies hits theaters tomorrow. It's a blast and an instant classic to boot! To celebrate its release I am gathering some GOTG-related digital goodies that have been zipping around the internet this week in anticipation of its release.

Like most Marvel movies, Guardians of the Galaxy will be most appreciated if you've done some homework prior to watching it. Reading the comics is obviously the best way to do this, but if you haven't had the chance, or simply rather not, then in the very least watch this crash course introduction of the characters:

This video tells you all about Peter Quill (AKA Star-Lord) but you can navigate the annotated character selection at the end to learn more about the other four Guardians featured in this particular cinematic universe. This only scratches the surface, but it's helpful to newcomers. Oh, and yours truly helped with some of the computer's voice-work.


Should you want to go even deeper and learn about the origins of the Guardians in the comics themselves and how that influenced this film, Graeme McMillan delivers a brisk history lesson over on The Hollywood Reporter. As he puts it, they have "surprisingly convoluted origins."


Guardians of the Galaxy is the 10th film in Disney Marvel's ever expanding cinematic universe. As mind-blowing as it sounds, there will inevitably be a crossover between GOTG and The Avengers. Head over to /Film for more.

Next up, check out this Lego version of one of the TV spots for Guardians of the Galaxy

Apparently, it was commissioned (or at least approved) by Disney Marvel. This was made possible through the official GOTG Lego sets that stocked store shelves in June.


Did you know that Guardians of the Galaxy is the first Marvel film to have a female screenwriter? Learn more about Nicole Perlman and how she joined the project over on Forbes.

Lastly, I will leave you with two posters:


The official IMAX poster.


MTV imagines what the poster for Guardians of the Galaxy would look like if it came out in the 1950s.


Have you stumbled upon any other GOTG-related goodness on the Interwebs lately? Did you see the film yet? The comments are yours for the taking!