Revenge of the Green Dragons (Trailer Review)

Revenge of the Green Dragons is not a sequel to Green Dragons, nor is it a wirefu martial arts bonanza like it sounds. It's actually a period crime film about Chinese immigrants living it up in 1980s New York City. Who better to tackle something like this than Andrew Lau, the Hong Kong director best known for the acclaimed Infernal Affairs trilogy?

Based on a true story, it stars Justin Chon and Kevin Wu as young opportunists who get caught up in the whirlwind life of gangs and all the fun stuff that comes along with that. Essentially, we get to see Americans of Asian dissent play Chinese immigrants in New York. I would imagine that would actually be pretty difficult for an actor, but Chon seems to be playing a poor English-speaking actor very well. It's hard to get a reading of the performances because this trailer is pretty much a montage set to "House of the Rising Sun." But with character names like Snakehead Mama, Chicken Wing and Fat Foo, it seems we're in for a some deep character development...

The film was shot on location in Chinatown, Brooklyn and Queens and has a great feel and look about it. The film is executively produced by Mr. New York himself, W̶o̶o̶d̶y̶ ̶A̶l̶l̶e̶n̶  Martin Scorsese. The Scorsese is strong with this one, which is ironic because Marty famously adapted the first Infernal Affairs intoThe DepartedRevenge of the Green Dragons feels like a mix between the two of those, but a bit more like Scorsese's own Mean Streets really and it's hard not to recall Goodfellas (when Ray Liotta shows up) or even Casino (due to that aforementioned song choice).

The editing of the trailer grew pretty obnoxious during its 2 minutes. The flashing of the text and the freeze frames just made it seem like my video was having buffering problems. It'll probably play better in theaters, but I'm a big proponent of letting a movie breathe a little. My sarcasms aside, I'm looking forward to this one as I am not very familiar with the events at hand and anything from the Far East makes me turn my head. What do you think of the trailer for Revenge of the Green Dragons? Rip it up in the comments below!

Revenge of the Green Dragons will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before coming to DirecTV on September 11th. Come October A24 will then release the film in theaters.

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