The Homesman (Trailer Review)

We've still yet to see an official domestic trailer for The Homesman, but I imagine the newly released UK trailer is pretty much what it will look like. This is the latest film written, directed and starring Tommy Lee Jones. Jones plays George Briggs, a claim jumper whose life is saved by pioneer woman played by Hilary Swank. Indebted to her, Briggs agrees to help her transport three insane women from Nebraska to Iowa. It sounds like an Old West equivalent of a road trip about dysfunctional family in a mini-van, Little Miss Homesman, if you will.

I am a fan of Jones' directorial debut, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, which itself was a modern Western set on/around the Mexican border. Jones has the rugged face meant for the genre and after being won over by Lonesome Dove, I'll see anything he does of the kind. The cast is nothing short of outstanding and each with a known look and manor that can also place them in this period: Miranda Otto, John Lithgow, Tim Blake Nelson, James Spader and Jesse Plemons to name several.

The Midwest setting has the quintessential Western look to it (though it was actually filmed in New Mexico and Durango) and plenty of the conventional scenes we've come to expect in such journeys. It's not a complaint to say that it looks like The Homesman is playing it very safe. This will probably be the closest thing to a classic of the genre since the Coen Borthers' masterful remake of True Grit. It's a stirring trailer, especially on a first viewing, and owes a lot to the use of Familion's "Hace Tuto Guagua," which was most memorably used in Argo. Maybe they're attempting to appeal to Academy in a Pavlovian manner? What do you make of the trailer for The Homesman? Do you have a favorite Western of recent years? The comments below are your open range, partner.

The Homesman rides into theaters on November 7th.