Fifty Shades of Frozen

Last month the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey took the web by storm and became the most-viewed trailer of the year. While it is still a ways off (Valentine's Day 2015, though I'm sure it's already on your calendar) it has already started to prove its worth by inspiring fan re-edits and mashups. The best one that I've come across so far has to be Fifty Shades of Frozen. (Note: As with all mashups this is best understood and appreciated after one has seen the individual works at hand, specifically the aforementioned Fifty Shades of Grey trailer and Walt Disney's animated film Frozen.)

Using all the audio and title cards from the trailer, YouTube user Tranceart Violeta filled in the rest entirely with footage from Disney's behemoth of a hit, Frozen, which is probably still playing in a theater somewhere and adding to the Scrooge McDuck treasure trove it has already garnered. Specifically, this trailer showcases the courtship between Anna and Hans, making full use of the montage during their duet, "Love Is an Open Door." 

The effect is hilarious if you can get past the fact that a family-friendly animated movie is being set to an advertisement for a tale of kinky lust. The juxtapositions are clever and when the lips come close to matching the dialogue an achievement is reached. Just as the trailer reached its... er, climax when Christian Grey shows Anastasia into his "red room," perfect moments are found in Frozen to match those expectations. I'll never be able to see Hans opening the door into the dark castle dungeon with lantern in hand the same way again. Bravo, Tranceart Violeta, bravo!

Fifty Shades of Frozen is certainly an improvement on this "Cute Kitten Edition," which I think just made the internet throw up in its mouth a little. What do you think of Fifty Shades of Frozen? What else do you think would make a great mashup for the year's hottest trailer? Personally, I'm holding out for a Fifty Shades of the Grey trailer starring Liam Neeson. C'mon internet, make it happen.