Before You See Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is new theaters today and it provides audiences with a great trip back to Basin City where we can spend time with the best and worst it has to offer. If you're looking to prep yourself for the film, look no further than this new edition of Before You See.

Remember CliffsNotes? There was that one book (or several) that you weren't able to read in time for English class and so you consulted a Reader's Digest version. Well, JoBlo has an original series of CliffsNotes for movies. Should you be wanting a refresher before seeing A Dame to Kill For this weekend, by all means check this out (after all, it's been a whopping 9 years since the first film was released). If you haven't seen Sin City then I forbid you from watching this. Go watch the full movie for crying out loud!


We've posted our review of the first Sin City and you can check that out to get a feel of the expectations we might have going into A Dame To Kill For

Looking for another way to refresh yourself with the basic plot points of the first movie? The geeks over CineFix has whipped us up another serving of 8-Bit Cinema. As a gamer and a cinephile this series strikes a strong chord with me. What if Sin City was an old-school video game? The timeless graphics and chiptuned soundtrack make me long for this thing's existence.

To better know Sin City one really needs to know about Frank Miller. Check out this highly educational video made by some of my co-workers, "Frank Miller: A Restrospective." From this you'll learn how Miller got his start at Marvel and how he went on to become a brand all of his own. If there's another comic creator you'd like to see a similar video made for, head over to the YouTube video and let your voice be heard in the comments.


For a deeper stab at the man behind the name, Wired's Sean Howe has written, "After His Public Downfall, Sin City's Frank Miller is Back (and Not Sorry)." Learn how Miller fell and why he has any reason to be sorry.

Yet another one of my talented co-workers has cut together an Ultimate Classic Noir Trailer for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Using footage from both films, this is a look ahead that is wholly reminiscent of what has come before. This really feels like '50s movie trailer and actually made me the whole movie had this kind of aesthetic.


Ultimately, there's no better way to prepare for the Sin City films than by reading the books themselves. There is a currently a bundle deal for all seven going on at Dark Horse Comics.

Have you stumbled upon any other fun Sin City-related posts or videos? Feel free to share any in the comments below.