The Boy Next Door (Trailer Review)

It seems like every single day I see a news report of a teacher being charged for sleeping with a student. It was only a matter of time until Hollywood decided to mine the stories behind these headlines, not that exploring such relationships are anything new in film. Just last year saw the release of A Teacher, an indie film that explored the subject matter rather seriously. On Monday the trailer for The Boy Next Door dropped and it would appear that Universal Pictures has decided to make a thriller out of it. 

Noah, a hunky young man (Ryan Guzman from the Step Up movies) moves in next door to Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) and in no time at all the two are exchanging glances. When her husband and son go on a trip to the lake for the weekend, the absolutely thinkable happens. It's a plot taken straight from the porn shelves, but the titillation seems to evaporate as quickly as it rises. As Claire tries to forget her "mistake," Noah loiters in her home, transfers into the class she teaches and is determined to not let her forget his chest.

There's nothing remarkable about this trailer aside from how it's a perfect example of how studios practically give you the entire plot in 2-minutes time, not like it was hard to tell where it was going to begin with. There's also the heavy breathing from Claire's jog used to full effect the deal is sealed. The Boy Next Door is the debut script for Barbara Curry and I'm not at all surprised that a woman wrote this. You could have told me it was E.L. James and I would have believed you. The film is directed by Rob Cohen (DragonHeart and The Fast and the Furious), which itself is a bit amusing.

I laughed out load several times during the trailer and I believe at least half of those times the movie was asking for it. When her husband comments that it was "dry as a bone at the lake" (which in and of itself is silly) and Noah tells them that it "got pretty wet here," how are we supposed to react? Especially when a sharp, sinister sting is heard. The Boy Next Door looks to be an immensely entertaining film and not because it's intending to be a thriller. Universal is packing quite the double-punch with this film hitting theaters on January 23rd and Fifty Shades of Grey following just three weeks after. What do you think of the trailer for The Boy Next Door? Will you be giving him the time of day?

I love your mother’s cookies.
— Noah Sandburn