ABCs of Death 2 (Trailer Review)

The sequel to last year's insanity that was The ABCs of Death is already upon us as evident by a new red band trailer forABCs of Death 2. (Apparently they've dropped the "The.") I've been told that this is "the reddest" red band trailer there ever was and it's certainly up there, so be mindful of where you're watching this and who you're watching it with. In a nutshell, it contains all the blood, gore and disgustingness anyone familiar with the first film would come to suspect. It also looks like it will contain just as many lousy bits and good ones.

For any unaware, as with the first film they producers recruited 26 filmmakers from around the world, gave each a letter of the alphabet, and slated each with directing a short horror film (we're talking a few minutes at most) featuring some kind of death. For fans of extreme horror, this is like a buffet of all your wildest dreams and nightmares: obese zombies, beheadings in the woods, a creepy old man who lives in your mattress and a gigantic penis. If there's a dish you really don't care for, it'll be gone soon. That said, I'm sure there are plenty who won't even want to enter the restaurant.

It's a well made trailer and will certainly do its job at separating those interested and those who never want to see the film. It eventually reaches a flickering speed where it shows us snippets for each letter and only after going frame-by-frame will you know what to expect from each. Otherwise I wouldn't have known that there is going to be an animated short this time around too.

What do you think of this red band trailer? Are there any shorts that stand out to you? Feel free to share your findings in the comments below. And for any who feel they couldn't stomach the above trailer I will leave you with the green band version which includes a giant hamburger attempting to eat a woman: