J.S. Lewis (Founder and Editor-in-Chief)


Bio: Film has been J.S.'s passion practically his entire life. When he's not watching movies he's writing about them, thinking about them or making one of his own. When he's not doing that he's playing video games. He graduated in Media Arts from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in screenwriting. He currently works for Fandango where he reviews new releases and manages channels for Movieclips. Before launching Cineflect, J.S. wrote about all things movie-related on The Film Tome. He currently resides in West Los Angeles with his wife and two cats.

Specialty: Westerns, Far East offerings (especially all things Studio Ghibli), documentaries and horror films.

Dream Movie: Werner Herzog directs Joaquin Phoenix in a Japanese Western penned by Quentin Tarantino featuring surreal dream sequences animated by a team at Studio Ghibli led by Hayao Miyazaki. Oh, and Ennio Morricone scores.

Alex Barker (Contributing Writer)

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Bio: Born and raised in a family who loved all things story in the commonwealth of Virginia, Alex began to take great interest in the storytelling medium of filmmaking at an early age. With an academic background in directing and film production at the Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts, Alex is motivated to know that there is always a new story to tell. Alex and J.S. became colleagues and eventually friends through their work at Movieclips. Directing is his passion. Alex currently lives in Culver City with his wife, is a firm believer in home movie projectors, and is always game for a good conversation alongside a cup of tea.

Speciality: Dramas, Action-Adventure, film score composers, heartfelt inspirational films (avid and unashamed fan of Frank Capra).

Dream Movie: Steven Spielberg produces a dramatic Adventure directed by Frank Capra, written by Steve Zaillian and Frank Darabont, set in the days of Louis and Clark. Film music is a collaborative effort scored by none other than the two American music masters: John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith.